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One thing in life is certain, we will at some point die. Further more, we may suffer a critical illness, depression or stress and need to take time off work. Good financial planning invloves preparing for this and making arrangements to help you and your family through these difficult times. Death, illness and accidents not only cause huge emotional upset, but they also cause huge financial implications. What would you do?


You should always seek professional advice when seeking a protection plan that suits your budget and needs.


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Financial Solutions

"UK Financial Services helped me arange a policy that gave me peace of mind, in the knowledge that my family would be financially secure" 

Mr M Hollingsworth, Staffordshire


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Experience, advanced qualifications, exceptional knowledge.

Expert Knowledge

Our advisers have exceptional knowledge and experience in helping clients arrange suitable protection. 


Helping You Better Understand

Protection is a broad term for many different policies.

These include:

  • Life Assurance
  • Critiical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Waiver Of Premium
  • Business Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance



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whole of market, independent advice.

The Providers

We use a range of providers that consist of some of the most reputable insurers in the industry.

These mainly include but are not limited to:

1) LV

2) Bright Grey

3) L&G

4) Aviva

5) Friends Life

6) Zurich



Like most things in life the cheapest quotation is not always the most suitable. We will often recommend products that cover the widest range of illnesses, include partial payments on critical illness, and most importantly, have an excellent track record for claims.





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Affordable, professional advice.


We do not charge fees for advising and arranging any protection policy. We will receive renumeration by means of commission from the provider. This is disclosed on on the provider illustration.